Welcome to Twannie

The magic of technology

Here you will find exceptional and original mobile acts and installations that evoke amazement and wonder. They are suitable for all ages, and come from a world where rust never rests and waste does not exist.
The acts of Twannie are all about magic, the magic of technology. Strange machines and weird devices, grinding and squeaking and nice to look at. You can watch or participate, it's all possible!


For all ages

The Walk Acts are mechanical and like to drive around, beautiful to watch or to be watched by.
Pedal Power Acts are small installations that are set in motion by the people themselves and which offers them a nice experience.
Due to their clearly visible technology, children of 80+ also enjoy Twannie's many inventions.

Amazing entertainment

Organising a festival, village party, fair or company party, anniversary or birthday? Twannie provides amazing entertainment, increasing the atmosphere and amusement at your event!