Walking Acts

Light bringers from the Wadden Sea

Beautifull illuminated walking-act, looking for what? Or who?

Drum band on Clogs

A real must see & hear mechanical drum band!

The Collector

Watch your stuff! The Colector is coming!!!

S.M.S. Hovercraft

What is a Slow Steam Machine doing here?!

Robo Chicken

No longer available

Robo Chicken was a bit naughty but very sweet.
But where is he now?

streettheater Walk Act the Licht bringer from the Wadden sea

Streettheater with Walking Acts

Street theater by Twannie consists of mobile visual acts, also known as walking acts. They are mechanical and like to drive around, nice to look at or to be watched. The name says it all, it plays is not turned away in one place but moves all over the festival site or shopping area. You can choose from different Walk Acts, each with their specific characteristics. For example, the Light bringers from the Wadden Sea is radiant in the dark, and the Drum band on Cloqs is perfect for street markets. The street theatre what you see here is suitable for all ages because the story and the illusion is not only fascinating but also the technique. Technology made up of recycled parts because it is not only amazing but also very durable.

Inventive constructions

In addition to the street theatre has Twannie also Pedal Power Installations. Inventive constructsions that may be put in motion by visitors themselves and a good rim programming forms next to the street theatre.