Street Theatre

Visual Street Theatre

Street Theatre is theatre in the public space. You have probably already run into it, in one of its many shapes and sizes during a street festival or somewhere unexpectedly while shopping. It offers the visitor an amazing experience, all of a sudden standing face to face with a mechanical chicken, or a large two-headed snail. Or is it a shrimp?
The street theatre offered here is suitable for all ages, due to its imaginative and illusionary power as well as its fascinating technology. Technology which makes use of recycled parts allowing it to be both amazing as wel as very sustainable.
Straattheater met de act Lichtbrengers van het Wad


Twannie's Street Theatre consists of mobile visual acts, also called Walking Acts. They are mechanical and like to drive around, nice to look at or to be watched by. The name says it all, they don`t stay in one place but move around all over the festival site or shopping area, increasing the atmosphere of your event.

Inventive constructions

In addition to his street theatre acts Twannie also offers Pedal Power Installations. Inventive constructions which can be put in motion by visitors themselves, offering a nice sideshow next to regular street theatre.